Jesús Fancisco Fornieles Callejón

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Jesús Fancisco Fornieles Callejón

Administrative data

Collaborator researcher

  • Position in UGR: Tenure professor
    Department where s/he teaches: Electromagnetismo y Física de la Materia
    Research group: TIC-190

Contributions and research experience

Doctoral Dissertations supervised

  • Numerical simulation and experimental stydy of the natural electromagnetic waves in the ELF and VLF bands.
    Author: Sergio Toledo Redondo
    Institution: Electromagnetismo y Física de la Materia (UGR),
    Dissertation date: 2012-05-30
    Supervision: Alfonso Salinas Extremera, Jesús Fancisco Fornieles Callejón, Jorge Andrés Portí Durán
    Special mention: europea
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