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Research positions at INATEL's WAI Lab

The WAI Lab is looking for researchers (master's and doctoral) to conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, embedded systems and IoT, edge computing, open-source neural processors based on the RISC-V standard, spectral sensing for cognitive radios, software-defined radio, wireless systems aided by fluid antennas, and intelligent surfaces.

We offer the following opportunities:

- Supplementation of scholarships up to R$ 1000.00.

- Research internships and summer courses at the University of Quebec, Canada.

- Joint PhD programs with the universities of Quebec, Canada, and Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

For more information, please contact me (@email) or Prof. Rausley (@email).

PhD position in Future Deterministic Wireless Networks

Call for Expression of Interest – Ph.D. Position in Future Wireless Deterministic Networks

Are you passionate about advancing communication technology? Do you want to shape the future of real-time control in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) for industrial, transportation, and consumer applications? Do you have solid knowledge in network calculus, statistics, queuing theory, wireless performance modeling, and network protocols? Then you should join our exciting PhD project to develop a unified approach for deterministic communication, overcoming the limitations of existing technologies like 5G, TSN, DetNet, and L4S. This project is a collaboration between IMT Atlantique and Mid Sweden University which will lead to a Ph.D. degree from both institutions.

Project Overview: Deterministic communication is key for reliable, low-latency data transmission in CPS. Current technologies provide partial solutions but lack comprehensive end-to-end guarantees. This PhD project aims to design an integrated framework for deterministic communication across 5G Radio Access Network (RAN), Core Network (CN), and core-cloud interfaces.

Key Research Areas:
- Statistical methods for reliable low-latency link adaptation, grant-free access, and efficient scheduling.
- Packet techniques for maintaining reliable low-latency access, especially under mobility.
- In-core solutions like packet re-ordering and congestion control.
- End-to-end networking framework leveraging cloud and edge intelligence for low-latency and low-loss communication.

Desired Candidate Skills:
- Proficiency in statistical tools (network calculus, extreme value theory, queuing theory).
- Expertise in wireless system modeling, algorithm design, and simulation (3GPP 5G/LTE, IEEE/IETF TSN).
- Strong programming skills in Python, Matlab, and C.
- A Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Signal Processing, or a relevant field for the project.

Program Structure:
You will spend two years at IMT and two years at MIUN. The position is fully funded and the candidate will enjoy all benefits that all other regular university employees have.

Why Join Us?
- Collaborative Environment: Work within a joint program between two prestigious institutions.
- Innovative Research: Engage in groundbreaking research with real-world impact.
- Professional Growth: Develop advanced skills for a successful career in academia or industry.

Important Application Criteria:
- Immediate Availability: Candidates should be available to start immediately.
- Minimal Visa/Relocation Delays: Ability to begin work with minimal delays.

If you are motivated with a strong background in communication technologies and a passion for research, please send your CV, grades, and motivation letter indicating your interest and background suitable for this position to Professor Georgios Z. Papadopoulos (@email) and Prof. Mikael Gidlund (@email). Help us shape the future of deterministic communication for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Opportunity for post-doctoral fellowship in 5G slicing, orchestration and programmability. Plazo de solicitud: 15/07/2024

Subject: Research in 5G and B5G slicing, orchestration and programmability

Possible working places (universities in Brazil): UFMG, UFES, UFRGS, UNICAMP, UNISINOS

Post-doctoral fellowship: Monthly stipend of R$ 9.318,90 (about USD 1,730 and EUR 1,600) plus research contingency funds and moving assistance.

Deadline to apply: July 15th, 2024

Beginning at: Aug-Sep, 2024

Duration: 18 Months

We are seeking candidates for an 18-month (or 12 months) postdoctoral fellowship to work on a joint research project among these Brazilian institutions or universities: UFMG, UFES, UFRGS, UNICAMP, UNISINOS. The place of work is flexible, in one of the cities of the partners. The selected candidate will be allocated to one of the partner universities and will work with consortium researchers.

This scholarship is part of the Project, entitled "Programmability, Orchestration, and Virtualization on 5G Networks" (PORVIR-5G), which aims to develop new architectures and mechanisms to improve 5G networks in general. The post-doc candidate will work on the use of AI and machine learning in the orchestration of 5G, B5G, and 6G networks, as well as network slicing and programmability of virtual networks. The project focuses on some of the 5G verticals, namely ultra-high quality video, autonomous drones, and Industry 4.0. More information at: https://porvir-5g-project.github.io/

To succeed in this position, you are expected to have:

* Strong motivation;

* A background in computer networks, namely network slicing, programmability, and related topics of distributed systems;

* Proficient in common computer programming languages (e.g., Java, C/C++, python);

* A background in AI and machine learning is a positive aspect to be considered in the selection process;

* Work experience in research labs abroad, during the Ph.D. period, is a positive aspect to be considered in the selection process;

* Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills while using good judgment;

* Good research skills, the ability to work in a team, and communication skills with good written and spoken English are required;

* Experience in preparing/coordinating research project/students teams is a plus.

*** How to apply  ***

Interested candidates should fill out the online form https://forms.gle/KYrs7dmKsuStS34W7  by July  15th, 2024, by adding the documents listed below:

1. A motivation letter for the application;

2. Curriculum vitae, with list of publications, education background, research track record, and previous experience;

3. Ph.D. degree certificate;

The most suited candidates will be invited for an interview (via videoconference) in the week following the application deadline.

*** Additional Information ***

Eligibility Criteria: Ph.D. in Computer Science or related areas.

The post-doctoral fellowship includes a monthly stipend of R$ 9.318,90 (about USD 1,730 and EUR 1,600), and research contingency funds (10% of the annual value of the fellowship, each year). For more details, check out Fapesp's webpage https://fapesp.br/en/postdoc.

Additionally, there is the possibility of an installation aid for the scholarship holder that lives in a different domicile and needs to move to the city where the host institution in which the scholarship will be developed is located. For journeys equal to or greater than 350 km, he/she will have an additional monthly scholarship fee and resources to cover land transportation and/or air transportation expenses in the promotional or economic category, for the scholarship holder, spouse and dependents.


Prof. Vinícius Mota (UFES) <@email>

(cc: Prof. José Marcos Nogueira <@email>, PI of PORVIR-5G)

Project web site: PORVIR-5G Project | Innovative and disruptive technologies to ...GitHubhttps://porvir-5g-project.github.io

Post doc position in Cybersecurity at Normandie University, France

We are looking for enthusiastic Post doc in the area of Cybersecurity --attacks detection and prediction-- (with a good background in Mathematics/Computer Science/Machine Learning).

If interested to apply, please send your CV to @email

Ikerbasque Permanent Positions 2024. Plazo de solicitud: 12/09/2024

Ikerbasque - the Basque Foundation for Science offers 10 permanent positions for researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country. These positions are financed by the Basque Government, the European Commission and the host institution where the researcher will develop their research.

This call is open both to established researchers as Research Associates, and senior leading researchers as Research Professors.

The evaluation committee will only consider the strongest candidates with excellent leadership capabilities and an outstanding research record. Researchers are expected to perform independent research. They should be capable of attracting competitive funding and establishing their own research groups.

Applications from women are especially welcomed.

Call Specifications:

Do you want to join Ikerbasque as a Research Professor or a Research Associate? All details about this call and the Evaluation Process are available in the following document.

For any doubt fullfilling the form, have a look at the user manual.


These positions are financed by the Basque Government, the European Commission and the host institution where the researcher will develop their research.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101126600.

More info about Basque Science:

If you need additional information about research centers in the Basque Country, you may visit www.science.eus